Version history

Version 0.14.3

Wednesday, 17th January 2007

  • Fixed a crash, that occurred randomly when the document was updated.
  • Restored search.
  • Slightly updated German translation.
  • Warning: the outline status is unpredictable, after an update: it may work, it may not work, it may crash, it may be out-of-date. I'm gonna work on it for the next release.

Version 0.14.2

Monday, 15th January 2007

  • Finally, PDFView keeps the current point in the page, when the pdf gets updated.
  • Added BBEdit, TextWrangler and Emacs to the preset for LaTeX editor.
  • Now the outline and the search work, when the document is updated.
  • Pressing Cmd+F will now always highlight the search field, even if the search tab was already displayed.
  • Norwegian translation, thanks to Helge André Gudmundsen.
  • Russian translation, thanks to Ilya and Tanya Sherman.
  • Dutch translation, thanks to Robert Klep.
  • Fixed a small bug with the highlighting of search result.
  • Linguistic update: now the string "rotate clockwise all pages" is wrote as "rotate all pages clockwise".

Version 0.14.1

Sunday, 17th December 2006

  • Print support is restored.
  • When the file is updated on disk, and PDFView reloads it, it will keep the same page displayed.
  • When the file path included a space, PDFView didn't manage to open the document, when called by an external editor. Fixed.
  • Danish translation, thanks to Ola Berger Bungum.
  • The string "continuous" was misspelled in the menu. Fixed.


Thursday, 14th December 2006

Very big update. New features:

  • PDFSync support. When hold the Command key down, click on a point in the document to open the text editor on the corresponding line in the LaTeX source file. You can set up any text editor you like, and there's a preset for TextMate.
  • PDFSync: you can set up your editor to open the file in PDFView, at a specific page. Instructions about this can be found here.
  • PDFView offers a new magnification tool (taken from TeXShop): you can hold your mouse button down and move it around to see the section of the document under the pointer magnified. You can also use it in combination with the Shift, Command and Alt key for different zoom level.
  • Redesigned preferences. New LaTeX preferences section.
  • You can set up separated default width and height, for new windows.
  • You can instruct PDFView to reopen automatically, at the next startup, documents that were displayed the last time you closed it.
  • Slightly changed the full screen behaviour: you can now use Exposé and Cmd+Tab when a document is displayed full screen.

Other smaller improvements, and bug fixes:

  • The corresponding menu item to the selected display style is now checked.
  • You can keep now rotate the pages counterclockwise, by keeping Alt pressed when you use the shortcuts.
  • When you manually change the zoom, in the toolbar's scale component, PDFView waits a second before updating the zoom level in the document, allowing you to type all the zoom level before changing it.
  • Bug fix: the zoom level is now saved again (was broken in 0.13.4).
  • Bug fix: now the page number, in the title bar, is displayed correctly when you are using "double pages, non continuous" display style.
  • Bug fix: now, when the document is reloaded and you are using a non-continuous display style, the current page is not changed.
  • Bug fix: when you resize the main window, the size handle won't turn black anymore.

Version 0.13.4

Sunday, 10th December 2006

  • You can now select 4 display mode: single page, single page continuous, two up, two up continuous.
  • In the search result, now some surrounding text is showed (like in Preview) instead of the chapter/section's title.
  • Fixed a bug that made miniatures work badly, in the case the font Arial wasn't installed.
  • Spanish translation, thanks to Daniel Salmerón Amselem.

Version 0.13.3

Friday, 1st December 2006

  • Find menu; in particular you can now use Cmd+G and Cmd+Shift+G for going to the next and previous search result.
  • Korean translation, thanks to Gord Welch.
  • Fixed Italian translation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PDFView not to reload the document when it was updated, occasionally.
  • Improved the sizing of the main window, when 100% is selected as default window size.
  • Improved the alignment for the toolbar icons.

Version 0.13.2

Monday, 27th November 2006

  • It's now possible to set a default maximum window size in the preferences.
  • PDFView now saves window size and position, when you close a document, and restores it when you open the same document again.
  • You can now see switch between single and double page view in presentation mode, by pressing '1' and '2'.
  • The "page" toolbar components now show the page count.
  • An optional "scale" toolbar component is available, to fine-tune the zoom level.
  • Changed the behaviour of the "Toggle drawer" and "Find" command: now Cmd+T always closes the drawer if it's already open, no matter what tab is selected, and Cmd+F never closes it.
  • Added more tool tips to the toolbar elements.

Version 0.13.1

Wednesday, 22nd November 2006

  • Presentation mode: a full screen mode, without scroll bars, and with page breaks (that is, you see only one page at the time), and where the page is sized to fit the screen by default. Useful, for example, when you use the Beamer package in LaTeX.
  • PDFView now sets the mouse cursor accordingly to the selected tool (note: this feature it's not completed yet).
  • Updated the "select" tool icon.
  • Fixed swedish translation.
  • Fixed the tooltip for the "tool" button in the toolbar.

Version 0.13

Monday, 20th November 2006

  • Miniatures support.
  • PDFView now saves the status of the drawer for every document, and restores it when you open the same document again.
  • You can now press "s" to switch to the select tool, and "h" for the hand tool (both without the command key).
  • Brazilian portuguese translation (thanks to Adhemerval Zanella)
  • Traditional chinese translation (thanks to Lann Chang)

Version 0.12.1

Saturday, 18th November 2006

  • Bug fixes: you can again use the shortcuts without having to press the command key.
  • Swedish translation, thanks to Henrik Cederblad.

Version 0.12

Friday, 17th November 2006

  • You can now use the "hand" tool, to drag your document around.
  • Bug fixes: when you change the zoom level via the context menu, the toolbar now gets updated.
  • Due to the fact that I used some code from TeXShop, now PDFView is distribuited under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.
  • Updated website.

Version 0.11.8

Thursday, 16th November 2006

  • Greatly improved full screen display: it's much faster, requires less resources, and works better. You can now use the shortcuts either with or without the command key.
  • Chinese translation, thanks to 顾宏军.

Version 0.11.7

Wednesday, 15th November 2006

  • Added French translation, thanks to Damien Pollet.
  • Fixed a small bug that caused the information panel to appear randomly.

Version 0.11.6

Monday, 13th November 2006

  • When the file is updated on disk, it's now opened correctely.
  • PDFView now supports 2 different zoom level, for single page move and 2-up mode.
  • Now, when the "two-up" display style is used, the left page is on the left, and the right page is on the right of the view.
  • Informations panel (invoke with Cmd-I).

Version 0.11.5

Sunday, 12th November 2006

  • Removed the notification when the document is removed from disk.
  • Improved behaviour of the "file updated" notification.

Version 0.11.4

Saturday, 11th November 2006

  • Improved the drawer, now you can use Cmd+F for searching.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 0.11.3

Monday, 6th November 2006

  • You can now rotate pages even in full screen mode.
  • German translation, thanks to Christoph Schmitz.

Version 0.11.2

Sunday, 5th November 2006

  • PDFView can now update the displayed document, when it changes on disk.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 0.11.1

Sunday, 29th October 2006

Bug fixes release:

  • Now PDFView saves the rotation of each page, when you close a document, and can restore it when you open that file again
  • You can add a "Save" button to the toolbar
  • Improved full screen display when pages are rotated
  • Preferences now have a default value
  • In Italian version, the page stepper is working again

Version 0.11

Saturday, 28th October 2006

  • Full screen mode is now available
  • Saving is finally supported
  • Toolbar buttons for entering full screen mode and toggling the drawer
  • "Auto zoom" is now the default zoom level
  • Updated Japanese and Italian translation
  • Some bug fixes

Version 0.10

Wednesday, 25th October 2006

  • Preferences are here! You can now set the default zoom level, decide whether you want to see document one page at the time, or two at the same time, and disable/enable the Internet auto-update feature
  • Now PDFView saves many details of a document when you close it, and can restore them when you open the same file again, including zoom level, page, display style
  • Some bug fixes

Version 0.9.1

Monday, 23rd October 2006

  • Some bug fixes
  • Added Japanese translation, thanks to Yuzuru Shiraiwa

Version 0.9

Sunday, 22nd October 2006

Many changes:

  • Added the toolbar
  • Added the Go menu
  • Removed the "Go to page" panel
  • Added the "Rotate all pages" menu item, and changed the shortcut for "Rotate current page"

Version 0.8.3

Thursday, 19th October 2006

Added the option to rotate the currently displayed page of a file. Invoke with Cmd+R.

Version 0.8.2

Wednesday, 18th October 2006

This release just updates moves the website for updates to the new website:

The license of PDFView is also update, and now the software is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

New website!

Tuesday, 17th October 2006

Since today, PDFView has a new home: Thanks to Sourceforge!

Also, thanks to Alan who designed the website.

Version 0.8.1

Monday, 16th October 2006

This version saves the last page seen when you close the window, and reopens it automatically when you open again that document.

Version 0.8

Monday, 16th October 2006

This version brings many improvements:

  • Support for internet update is enabled, thanks to Sparkle
  • A new "Go to page" window
  • When you open the drawer, now the find box is selected, so you can start typing and searching